Monday, January 5, 2009

Palestine – Continue the insanity, or create peace?

Newsweek Cover article is 'WILL IT EVER END? IT COULD – HERE'S HOW,' By Managing Editor, and former Jerusalem bureau chief, Daniel Klaidman:

As Klaidman writes, “There are no options other than a comprehensive agreement that creates two sovereign states, Israel and Palestine, warily coexisting side by side. ...” 

“But how to salve the wounds of Palestinian grievance? One intriguing solution is offered by writer Walter Russell Mead in an essay in the current issue of Foreign Affairs. Mead argues that though Israel must take some responsibility for the Palestinian tragedy, the entire NAKBA, or catastrophe, 'cannot simply be laid at Israel's door.' Israel must acknowledge its part in the events of 1948, but the international community must take 'ultimate responsibility' for the 60-year-old crisis. In this way, the world would acknowledge that the Palestinians have indeed suffered a historic injustice, but obviate the need for Israel to bear full responsibility. 'This is a way to confer dignity on the Palestinian people,' says Levy-a crucial step toward securing an elusive peace.' “ –- from Mike Allen’s Politico Playbook Daily Update

Think about it: isn’t it about time for this tragedy to finally end in peace for everyone? Isn’t it time to put resentments and grievances behind end the suffering for everyone? I sure think so. Enough of the lunacy!



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