Sunday, March 28, 2010

Paperback Publication Event from Night Publishing

The Old Man and the Monkey - George Polley - cvr

Night Publishing (UK) has just released a quality paperback edition of George Polley’s popular story about the friendship between an elderly man and a large monkey.

Here is what readers are saying about the story:

Author Tim le Roux: "It is stunningly beautiful, one of the most amazing and moving pieces I have ever read." Tim le Roux is the author of Dance of the Pheasodile, Fishing for Christians, Missio, and other titles.

Author Stella Evelyne Tesha: "Reflects the rare values of unconditional friendship; love, trust, respect, loyalty and dependability. It also shows that being humane can bridge the differences between cultures or in this case, species." Stella Tesha is author of Love As Flowers and Journey Into Life

Artist Jean Sullivan, Seattle: "The Old Man and the Monkey is what good writing is all about: it makes you look within to find the best that you can be.”

To purchase your copy of the book, click on

Then sit down and enjoy a great story. And be sure to recommend it to your friends and acquaintances.

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