Thursday, October 21, 2010

Looking for an editor

If you're ever looking for a good editor who can take your novel manuscript and make it sparkle,then Genevieve Graham-Sawchyn is someone whom I highly recommend.

Here are some comments, from Genevieve's website, from some of the people whose work she has edited. I've read their books, and they definitely do sparkle. Her website,, is listed under "favorite links" on he sidebar.

"Genevieve Graham-Sawchyn's editing was faultless, imaginative, professional and ultimately the finest I had ever witnessed."
-- Kathleen McKenna,
"Genevieve Graham-Sawchyn's stellar editing skills became truly apparent to me as we worked upon my first book."
-- Steve Jensen
"She inspired trust because she so obviously knew exactly what she was doing."
-- Suzannah Burke
"Genevieve takes pains to understand fully where each author is coming from and is dedicated to helping writers achieve their goals."
-- Lael Whitehead
"Throughout the editing journey her input, insights and observations were invaluable."
--Jillian Brookes-Ward
"I'd recommend her sensitive and insightful approach to editing to anybody"
Charlotte Castle 

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