Friday, February 18, 2011

A glass of sherry, pleasant evening kind of read

Margery Allingham's Mr. Albert Campion was her best-loved character. I remember watching him the PBS Mystery! series eons ago as one of my favorites. I have to admit that until my friend Paul Bauck sent me a box of mysteries with this one in it, I have never read one of her novels. Much the pity.

Mr. Campion's Quarry, co-authored by Youngman Carter and copyrighted in 1970 four years after her death, reminds me of Dorothy Sayers' Lord Peter Wimsey -- refined, cultured upper class dabbling in sleuthing and darned good at it. The kind of book to be read after dinner with a fire going in the fireplace, a glass of sherry and a biscuit or two. A delightful British whodunit whether read or watched.

Delightfully, it's available at from their resellers, from $0.01 for used copies (really, that's the price), $4.99 for hard cover, and $2.96 for mass market paperback, which is what I have.

I give this book *****

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