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Sunday, June 5, 2011

A fun, inspiring, hair-raising and sometimes hilarious adventure tale

Imagine this –

You’re 31 years old, single, an elementary school teacher in England, and you’ve always wanted to do something to contribute to a charity. You’re also an amateur bicycle enthusiast. So what do you do? You set out to bicycle from England to the southern tip of India by way of Germany, the Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgystan, a snip of southwest China, Pakistan and on into India to its very southmost tip. All by bicycle. Alone. Hmmm. “You’ve gone too far this time Sir!” sounded like a very apt title to me, so I downloaded the book and read it.

Danny Bent is not only a very fine writer, he’s a great raconteur, is at times hysterically funny, and he likes people. Some of the trip is gut-wrenching (in more ways than one), sometimes hilarious, sometimes Monty Pythonesque, and sometimes tear-inducing. All-in-all, it adds up to one of the finest, most enjoyable adventure tales I’ve read in years.

Not surprising at all that, with 50,000 copies downloaded, it’s now an official best-seller on Kindle. For a very enjoyable and unforgettable read, buy “You’ve gone too far this time Sir!” and read it, in either paperback or Kindle.

It’s a ***** read if there ever was one.

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