Monday, February 13, 2012

Write on Wednesdays

Teaser #1 for this week, "Line 'Em Up", by Suzanne Adams.

Every night upon retiring, Bill would lock the key ring with its many charges in his bedside drawer. This, in turn, he locked and double-checked to be quite sure it was secure before he placed the drawer key under his pillow. A spare key for that was always locked in his bureau drawer and a spare for that key was lodged with his mother.
Bill could lose huge chunks of time obsessing over his keys, fingering the keys, clipping and unclipping the ring from his trouser belt-loop, and unwittingly at times, providing others with the unnerving sight of the furry phallus dangling from beneath his jacket. Bill selected belt-loops seemingly at random.

Teaser #2, "Grandfather and the Raven"

"If you ever do that again," Sir Raven said from his perch on grandfather's left shoulder as they walked  home, "please warn me."

"Why is that?"

"Because if you do it without warning me, I might drop a load down your back. It was so loud I nearly fell off the lamp post," he laughed. "You scared the wits out of that poor guy."

"That's not all I scared out of him," grandfather replied, smiling.

"True," laughed Sir Raven. "I'll bet his insides  haven't been that clean since he first came out of the egg."

"George Polley has created another timeless character that enters into a fantastical relationship with a raven. Or is the raven the timeless character? George entices the reader to view this usual relationship from within. The raven has much to teach all of us. These stories are beautiful, thoughtful, and wonderfully crafted."  -- Barry North, Seattle


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Thanks so much for joining in the Write on Wednesday blog hop, George.
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