Sunday, April 22, 2012

A valuable companion to take along on the adventure of life

Reading Quantum Meditations is an adventure and, like everyone knows, adventures take patience and time to bring their rewards each step of the way. 
The best way to read this book is to sit down with it and take your time to savor each poem as you would a fine meal that is served in multiple courses, each one delivered when the one you’ve been enjoying has been savored and it is time to  move on to the next. If you’re looking for a fast food kind of book, you’re better off looking elsewhere. But if it’s wisdom that you’re seeking, this book is a wonderful companion to spend some quality time with.
As the great mystics and poets have shown us so well, change sometimes appears to occur suddenly when all the pieces come together. In “Quantum Leap” (page 51), PD allen writes:
“Change in a complex
system occurs incrementally
bit by bit
below the surface
while the system as
a whole appears stable until
some critical threshold
is exceeded. And then
the entire system appears
to change in one instantaneous
The key word and concept is “incrementally”, the way our universe was created in the cataclysmic explosion we call “The Big Bang”.
The first poem, in the section called “Opening Enigma”, is “The Flame”:
“I am the flame,
    not the reflection
I am the flame,
                                               by the fluttering
                           of the moths.
I am the flame.”
In his commentary on the Opening Enigma series (page 221), he writes: “Our journey begins with the unanswerable riddle of who we are. There are no words to answer this riddle, but if you look within  you will find the answer. We are that which is forever outside of its definition. We are that which defines itself.” 
So take your time with this great book.  Breathe calmly and deeply, linger with each poem, taste each syllable and sound. There are three volumes of Quantum Meditations now available to take with us on our journey through life. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are (I am 78); what matters is that we learn to live our lives consciously and without fear. 
“Have wings that feared ever 
touched the sun?
I was born when all I once
feared -- I could
-- Rabia of Basra, c. 717-801
In “Our Song” (page 49), he writes:
“The world sings for me
All I need do
      is listen.”
PD Allen’s Quantum Meditations is a valuable addition to meditation literature. You will never finish reading it, just as I never finish reading those books in my library from which I draw sustenance and insight.
This book is a clear 5 star read, one that I highly recommend.

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