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Sunday, August 14, 2011

A wonderful, well-written novel with a surprise ending that's really a surprise

"Collin had the perfect life. He had a loving family and everything money could buy. A life envied by all. But Collin wasn't perfect. He had a secret, one that came with a price. A secret that could destroy his life and everyone in it."

So begins K. C. Hilton's remarkable novel. Not that it starts off with a bang, because it doesn't; it starts off as a very likable family story about two loving parents and their two sons. Then, all of a sudden -- Blam! -- it hits like a thunderbolt, and I was in for the ride. Whew! What's going on? What happened? There was nothing that was going to tear me away from this book until I found out. And I did, and so will you.

K. C. Hilton is a very skillful story teller and, in my opinion at least, it takes one to tell this kind of story, a story that could have been maudlin in less capable hands, but never does in hers. Interestingly, the significance of book's title "90 Miles to Freedom" may not hit you at first, as it didn't hit me. Then it appears and Collin's secret and its significance begins to dawn and build to a dramatic, gut-wrenching climax. Then K. C. Hilton delivers her surprise, about which I'll say nothing. You have to get there and read the book to catch its impact. I was awe-struck, and still am. Another one of the best reads I've had in a year filled with great reads.

When is your next book out, K. C.?

A very definite ***** book.

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