Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A charming adventure set in Amazon's jungles.

“Edge of Extinction” is a charmer. A story about a hidden Indian tribe in Brazil’s Amazonian jungles is interesting enough. The fact that it is led by an unusual young man named Kianda Mala (”Mala” meaning “man” in the Chachinka language), the son of an English woman and a large monkey, makes it not only a unique story, but an unusual one. In most societies, an infant with a long, prehensile tail would be immediately killed as a demon. In this community, he is not only not killed, he is elevated to the position of Chaka (monkey god), and becomes the principle leader among his people.
This idyllic scene comes to an end when people begin dying, babies are born dead, and Kianda Mala discovers many dead fish floating downstream in the river that is their source of food and water. Seeking answers, Kianda Mala and two friends head upstream. Answers they do find, but they do not come easily. One of the men is shot to death, Kianda is captured, and the third escapes.
What becomes of Kianda Mala and his people? What do his captors make of this strange  young monkey man? Surely such a being cannot be ... yet he is. Finding out what happens to Kianda Mala, his people, and the polluters is an adventure you won’t want to miss. Heart-warming and at times poignant, it is one of the most enjoyable adventure tales I’ve read.
A definite ***** read.

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