Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A wonderful tale for the Christmas Season and beyond

As Christmas celebrations begin, a young woman hails a taxi to take her home. On the way there is a horrible accident. Thinking that she will just be late, her parents and little sister retire for the night. Then there is a knock upon the door, which dad answers. Their beautiful, beloved daughter is no more, and the family, overwhelmed with sorrow begins to fall apart.

One year later, dad is caught in a howling blizzard on the way home, and his car slides out of control and ends stuck in a drift. Then Nick appears, rescues him, and drives him home.

Who is Nick, and why does their younger daughter take such a shine to him, when since her sister's death, she has spoken to almost no one? Why is he so kind? Why are his eyes so penetrating.

In this fascinating tale of Christmastime, tragedy, healing and forgiveness, author S. J. Ingram weaves a magical spell over this hurting family. It's a tale for everyone who has ever experienced loss and suffering and blame.

If you're looking for a gift for your friends and family, pick up a cop;y of this book at, and be sure to include a copy for your Kindle, where mine is parked.

A heart-warming ***** read.

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