Sunday, September 12, 2010

Minnette Coleman’s No Death by Unknown Hands – A Compelling, Five Star Masterpiece

Have you ever read a story that is told so well and so moving that when you’re finished, you’re so filled with it that you hardly know what to say? That is how Minnette Coleman’s No Death by Unknown Hands affected me. Reading it I wept, laughed, smiled and felt deeply saddened. The systemic racism of Georgia and the U.S. in the 1950s is something I knew about second hand from my best friend Claude. The hurt in his face and voice still brings tears to my eyes. Thanks to Minnette Coleman’s skill as a story teller, I know it more intimately.

This is a book that I will read over and over again. If you love a good, well-told story that’s so real that you feel as if you’re there, order your copy today. Then settle back, make sure you have some tissues nearby, and read.

I have both the paperback and Kindle editions, which is especially nice. 

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