Friday, September 10, 2010

Waiting A While For Greeneyes

Marian Van Eyk Mcain's novella is an intriguing little emerald gem. Mystery, mysterious, sci-fi (or is it?), intriguing, Ms. McCain has woven a wonderful little tale that leaves you wondering "Who (or what) is "Greeneyes" exactly.

Have you ever participated in an experiment and then begun to wonder whether it was a wise decision? It sounded so intriguing that you couldn't resist, especially when it's proposed by a woman you've never met, a woman who acts as if she knows you, but for the life of you you don't remember who she could be. 

Starting from there the story gets really interesting, as expected. But who is she? And just when the story seems to come to an end ... does it? 

This is one of the most intriguing little tales I've ever read. There is magic in it and in the telling. I keep coming back and back to it to see what I missed the first few times. There's got to be ... 

One last comment, and that's about the book's format and size. I remember when paper back books fit in one's shirt pocket. That's why they came to be called "pocket books". This is a genuine pocket book that fits nicely in my shirt pocket. It's published by the UK-based publisher Leaf Books, and is available from and, more conveniently and more readily available, from The Book Depository, which ships to over 90 countries worldwide with no charge for shipping. For a complete catalog of Leaf Books, go to

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